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In the News: Public access to Global UDI Database

The UDI ruling has been hailed as a landmark decision in the medical supply industry as it allows for better education to doctors and to patients on the devices and products that are utilized as well as the ability to provide updates and recalls on products.

The FDA has announced that public access is now open to the UDI database (GUDID) which will allow anyone the ability to search and download important information regarding a medical device.  Access to this database was created  to help reduce errors in treatments, identify possible issues within a device and provide a quicker corrective action.

Medical supply companies have been preparing for UDI implementation since 2012 as required by the FDA.  The implementation process is a large task with multiple levels of processes; Pragmatyxs has assisted some of the largest medical supply companies to comply with these processes and will continue to in the future.

The FDA is encouraging patients, healthcare professionals and clinicians to access the GUDID to assess the program and provide feedback to better improve any processes or enhancements.

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