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How Pragmatyxs improved J Crew’s supplier printing


Retailers rely heavily on manufacturing vendors to assist in supplying quality products to their supply chain operations in a timely manner.  Communication between hundreds or even thousands of vendors can be extremely overwhelming and details can be missed.  To operate efficiently it is vital to implement controlled shipping controls in your supply chain that are easily accessible, user-friendly and efficient.

JCrew works with hundreds of vendors throughout the world and have implemented processes to control the labeling environment to their standards. They were looking for a solution that their vendors could easily access and print labels to JCrew standards.

Through the demanding holiday and summer seasons JCrew’s vendors have been able to easily access the necessary labels and print them with ease.  Within a few steps vendors are able to type in the proper purchase order and print labels at a high volume.  Pragmatyxs delivered a product that is easy to manage for JCrew but also easy to access and use for their large number of vendors to label products properly and deliver into the JCrew supply chain accurately and efficiently.

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