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Freight rail companies try alternative fuels

Freight rail companies try alternative fuelsMany companies in the transportation industry are testing out alternative fuels, and freight rails are no exception.  A large contributor in the supply chain, it makes sense for freight rail companies to try alternative fuels and to try to find more efficient and cleaner ways for trains to move across the country.

The freight industry is looking at multiple options from natural gas to battery-powered options. “Using some combination of these new fuel options will be key to helping the railroads achieve their goals to significantly cut their emissions in the coming years.” As of now, these are only pilot tests to begin to find alternatives to diesel use which has been used to pull freight across the country since World War II. A phasing approach will most likely occur as major railroads upgrade their locomotives over time.

The research and testing of new fuel sources aren’t the only investment involved in making a switch. Investing in a fueling infrastructure must take place before these freights can be put into motion. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) is looking to team up with Chevron “to help set up the fueling infrastructure it will need for its hydrogen test.”

Freight companies play an integral role in the supply chain so Pragmatyxs will continue to stay informed of developments and innovations in this area. While these developments may not directly affect companies’ labeling solutions, many times it is indirect and can “fuel” change and improvement across all areas within supply chain management.