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How women can drive the supply chain industry forward

Women in the Supply Chain industry

Happy International Women’s Day!

As demand grows and industries encounter numerous challenges like worker shortages, limited raw materials, and price increases, supply chain leaders are finding it difficult to keep up. The need to be nimble and remain resilient when the unexpected occurs continues to be the goal for supply chains.

“To introduce agility and flexibility into today’s complex supply chain environments, organizations require diverse, collaborative professionals that can make critical decisions and implement new technologies that streamline operations.”

Women are willing and able to step up to this challenge. New research shared by our partners at BarTender shows that women provide “a key advantage in boosting supply chain collaboration and efficiency.”  The great news is that the number of women that hold leadership roles in the supply chain industry has increased in 2021.  Below are details of the positions, the percentage held by women, and the year-over-year comparison:

  • First-line managers and supervisors: 33% (2% increase YoY)
  • Senior managers: 29% (4% increase YoY)
  • Directors: 26% (3% increase YoY)
  • Vice presidents and senior directors: 23% (2% increase YoY)
  • CSCOs, SVPs, EVPs, and CPOs: 15% (2% decrease YoY)

There are other factors that also contribute to moving the supply chain forward, like the flexibility we mentioned early, as well as advancing technology and making sure your leadership is diverse; bringing a new element to your company’s problem solving and innovation discussions. As regulations continue to increase and change, having a team that is ready to collaborate and think outside the norm will only drive your business forward.

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