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ERP Implementation still concerning to manufacturers

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When companies seek to implement a new ERP system, it isn’t the thought of evaluating purchasing options or requirements planning that concerns them, it is the need for support from the ERP provider during implementation and beyond that has them taking the time to truly weigh their options.

According to a recent research study from Epicor, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software, 96 percent of companies had confidence in navigating the early stages of the ERP purchasing process, “however, 48 percent cited a strong need for more support and partnership from their ERP providers during the latter stage of the purchase journey—from implementation, go live, and ongoing customer care—to ease mitigation and realize faster time-to-value.”

What may be a surprise to many is that while most businesses are loyal to their current ERP providers, almost half the decision makers consider moving to a new system every one to three years. This seems surprising given the time and effort to fully implement such a large project that potentially affects every department within an organization. Some common reasons are industry innovations, better functionality from a different provider, cybersecurity concerns, and stronger customer support.

The study also showed a few specific needs that organizations want out of their ERP provider like:

  • Industry-specific knowledge and guidance– having a partner that understands your business enables faster implementation. When this isn’t possible, having the time during discovery to fully understand will help.
  • Staff training and materials– businesses value training and onboarding materials to ensure a smooth start.
  • Better partnership– the ability to have a strong working relationship with the provider at every stage, from initial contact to go-live and beyond.

Pragmatyxs understands most major ERP systems and is no stranger to ensuring that a new implementation works with an organization’s labeling solution. We can provide direction on whether the labeling solution is best for the organization based on their business and the new ERP system they are implementing. We can also offer ongoing labeling support to maximize your system uptime. We are your trusted advisors and can partner with the ERP solution provider to ensure your system changeover is seamless.