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In the Cloud or On-Premise


Small to medium-sized businesses set out to find a labeling solution that meets all their needs. They can find themselves overwhelmed by the options and questions they need to answer.  Loftware’s NiceLabel helps take the worry out of one of those questions—whether to go in the Cloud or On-Premise. Whichever solution is chosen, you can’t really go wrong, it simply comes down to what you need and what you are comfortable with.  Read more about how businesses can help make that decision.

A Cloud-based labeling solution is an option for small to midsized businesses. It allows a business to get their labeling solution up and running quickly and have a complete solution including label design, template management, and printing that integrates with existing business systems. What makes this option even more enticing is that you can scale up. Starting small and then quickly expanding the system to include multiple locations.  Businesses have the flexibility they need as they grow without sacrificing security or labeling compliance.

An On-Premise labeling solution is an option for businesses that aren’t ready to put labeling in the Cloud. Enterprises get the same robust platform locally with the ability to customize the solution to specific business needs.  This option still allows businesses a clear path to move to the cloud when they are ready to make the change.

Whether a business chooses a Cloud-based or On-Premise labeling option, they can expect a labeling solution that enables the business to:

  • Easily design label
  • Centrally manage labels
  • Integrate with other business systems
  • Build custom print applications
  • Manage printers remotely

Pragmatyxs can help businesses implement either of these solutions and act as an extension of the team. Our 25+ years of experience ensures seamless integration with existing business systems and a labeling solution that helps businesses gain efficiency and retain compliance.