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Banana Boat Recalls Sunscreen Spray

blue sunscreen bottleSummer is well underway and the first thing we do before hitting the beach or lake is lather up the sunscreen. This product has come under scrutiny for containing benzene, an ingredient found to “cause cancer with repeated exposure”.  The maker of Banana Boat recalls one of their products due to trace amounts of it found in their scalp spray.

Edgewell Personal Care Co. announced this voluntary recall after benzene was discovered in internal reviews of Banana Boat Hair and Scalp Spray.  They identified the 3 batches included in this recall along with their lot codes so retailers and consumers could take action to discontinue the use and circulation of these lot codes.

The manufacturing environment is continuously increasing demand for traceability, accountability, unique standards, and regulatory requirements. Based on the above, it is with good reason.  Because of these requirements, products that are recalled are more easily identified and removed from consumer use. Manufacturers that don’t have the ability to quickly meet customer-specific labeling requirements and emerging regulations such as UDI will run the risk of losing business or losing their entire operation.

Pragmatyxs works closely with a variety of manufacturers ranging from food and beverage and household items to medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Labels are the link between manufacturing companies and their customers, so ensuring accuracy and traceability is a priority.