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Digitizing your paper-based supply chain

While many aspects of our lives have become automated, some paper-based habits and processes may be a little harder to leave behind.  In a report by Gartner, a research and insights firm, “more than 50% of organizations have not yet actively started to build a roadmap for supply chain digital transformation.”

Our partners at BarTender share how digitalization can benefit the supply chain by digitizing labeling specifically to track supplies, inventory, and resources “in real-time” as well as “automating nearly the entire supply chain operation.” This certainly enables companies to gain efficiency, increase accuracy and maximize their returns.

BarTender outlines some of the key benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency– paper-based processes pass through many hands, exposing them to human error and delays in collecting data.
  • Enhanced data gathering, analytics, and reporting– are accomplished faster and more accurately when your information is all digital.
  • Better collaboration- between manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics. Having the ability to view the same information at the same time, saves resources, time, and money.
  • Improved traceability- knowing where your product is, especially if it goes through more than one facility may be vital for items that are regulated or recalled.

If you are ready to make the leap from paper-based to a digital solution, BarTender labeling software can help move your company forward. Try a free version today and let Pragmatyxs help you implement BarTender as your labeling software solution.