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Investment in electric aircraft company

Investment in electric aircraft companyWhile the auto industry has flown past many to perfect electric cars, the aerospace industry is on its heels with United investing in an electric aircraft company, Heart aerospace. The electric planes will have 19 seats and “Mesa airlines, which partners with United on its efforts to introduce electric aircraft to commercial services,” will also be adding some of these planes to their fleet of aircraft.

The aircraft must go through safety, business, and operating requirements before the purchase will go through. The hope is there will be electric flights traveling up to 250 miles by 2026, so keeping to a local region to start, but long term this will contribute to the airline’s goal to “eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 without relying on traditional carbon offsets.”

One constant in this industry is the compliance requirements and strong inventory control. Pragmatyxs understands the need to control label design and production from a centrally-managed environment and extend those controls throughout the supply chain to reduce one of the major burdens in this industry —counterfeit parts.  It will only be a matter of time as with any new technology, where corruption will look for weaknesses in the supply chain and look to take advantage of this.

Advancements in technology are exciting and many times, can make our lives easier, more fulfilling, etc. but we must look at the other side where some look to upset and unravel the supply chain for personal gain. Pragmatyxs consultants offer best practice advice based on lessons learned from other leading supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing experts.