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3 great innovations fueled by the pandemic

Innovations during a pandemic

While we are all still managing our way through a pandemic that has spanned over the past 18 months, there are some positive things, especially innovations that have been “fueled by COVID-19”.

Genetic vaccines

“Early mRNA vaccines were hard to store and didn’t produce the right type of immunity.” DNA vaccines were more stable but weren’t efficient and “failed to produce sufficient immunity.” Fast forward 30 years and researchers were able to overcome the instability and provide a “more effective immune response.” The hope that these gene-based vaccines could one day provide a vaccine for malaria or HIV, cure cancer, or have the ability to stop the next pandemic, are no longer unattainable and we will continue to see developments in the near future.

Wearable tech and early illness detection

Smartwatches and health technology continue to gain popularity with the ability to track our heart rate, level of activity, and sleep patterns, but there is additional information like a person’s temperature and the ability to detect COVID-19 infections “even before people notice they have symptoms.” In time, are sure to gain more knowledge about beneficial ways wearable tech can assist in our health.

A new way to discover drugs

Proteins are the “molecular machines that make your cells function.”  When they aren’t working properly or are taken over by a pathogen, this is when you would get a disease. So it makes sense that researchers would look to develop drugs to combat when a protein malfunctions in order to combat certain diseases. Unfortunately, a single protein isn’t to blame for disease, it is the interaction between many proteins and genes that may be to blame, studying the “connections and interactions among proteins or protein networks,” is where discoveries can be made.

With innovations like these, there will continue to be compliance protocols, data streamlining, and system optimization. Pragmatyxs will be there to be part of your trusted implementation team.