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Outgrowing a legacy labeling system

NiceLabel CloudMany companies don’t seek out new systems, like their labeling software, until they are out of options. The thought of overhauling systems is daunting, so many will work to put band-aids on it until there are no other options.

Our partner at NiceLabel® worked with a client to move them to a fully integrated cloud-based labeling solution. Before seeking a new solution, the company, a seller of fastening and assembly materials, had their labeling software custom-built and housed on a local database.  Companies often like the idea of a custom labeling software with features and functions tailored to them, but in this instance, this customization was hard to keep updated and when updating was required, it was done on CDs. This surely wasn’t efficient and not scalable for a business in 80 countries and 77,000 employees. Read more about this solution.

Legacy systems can cause mislabeling, which in turn causes the need for relabeling and then results in shipping delays.  Also, as technology advancements are made, these systems can’t update as quickly and seamlessly as a cloud-based system.  The ability to quickly update software to the latest technology keeps a company competitive but also in compliance.

Additional benefits of updating a labeling system are:

  • Label changes are faster and immediate
  • User management and record keeping are centralized
  • Full SAP integration

Pragmatyxs has the ability to work with a multitude of labeling software systems and can help you upgrade your labeling system and can make sure it integrates smoothly with your ERP system and other business systems.