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California tests off-the-grid solutions to power outages

California tests off-the-grid solutions to power outages

We can expect heat waves, less rainfall, extended daylight hours, and fire season for many west coast states during the summer months. This is showing true much earlier in the summer months this year and California has sought to test an alternate solution for the power outages they anticipate as well.

It has become very apparent that weather plays a crucial role in the vulnerability of the power grid and during the last two years, “a Native American reservation on California’s far northern coast kept the electricity flowing with the help of two microgrids that could disconnect from the larger electrical grid and switch to using solar energy generated and stored in a battery bank.”

California’s energy commission will continue to invest in testing these microgrids as a solution to provide reliable power solutions for small-scale emergency services during a disaster. The continual investment in innovation and contingency planning is vital to any company and opens the doors for new and more efficient ways to meet and exceed everyday needs.

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