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Common challenges for food and beverage labeling

BarTender food and beverage challenges

Many food and beverage industries face the challenge of complex global regulations, meeting localized requirements, and maintaining visibility within the supply chain.  As they manage these areas, they may also struggle with labeling challenges like “accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and traceability.”

“All of these challenges can put unprecedented pressure on industries that traditionally use manual methods for data capture and tracking.” This can also cause these businesses to be in violation of the requirements and regulations which may put our health at risk.

3 of the challenges that Seagull Scientific’s BarTender platform helps address are:

  • Evolving food labeling requirements- like FDA labeling requirements and Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) which aims to increase food supply chain traceability.
  • Meeting localization requirements– to ensure country-specific labeling regulations are met by global supply chains.
  • Limited visibility into the supply chain– leads to labeling change difficulties including relabeling costs.

BarTender 2021 software can help enable compliance, localization, and supply chain visibility in the food and beverage industry and Pragmatyxs has been a valued partner with the expertise to implement the BarTender solution for your business.