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Next generation Windows software update on its way

Next generation Windows software on its way

When it comes to updates for our technology devices, we often go through the process without thinking much of it. We may benefit from a few new features or hope it fixes a nagging glitch we’ve had to deal with.  But when it comes to the operating system that many businesses run on, a major update can be a big concern and we have yet to see if the next generation of Windows OS will roll out seamlessly.

Windows 11 is the “first major Windows update in 6 years”, and with a big release comes the welcoming of better features, like a “new Start button, revamped taskbar and features designed to boost speed and efficiency,” but also the potential for glitches that can plague a business.

Many labeling solutions rely on these operating systems for stability and seamless integration, so weighing the benefits the new version can bring, with the known and unknown problems it can cause, should not be taken lightly.

Labeling software companies do their best to anticipate how a new update will affect the performance of their software and Pragmatyxs is always prepared to address system interruptions with our customers on our Standard and Critical Care Support plans.