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BarTender® 2022 R7 Release


The latest release of BarTender 2022 is now available and provides added security enhancements to “safeguard user data and labeling processes” to optimize label printing operations. The R7 release also supports Microsoft .NET 6 and with the end of life of .NET5 the update to R7 is highly recommended.

Some of the additional features this release will provide are:

  • Native HTTP support for Web Service integrations
  • Expanded BarTender REST API documentation and examples
  • Increased user and group permission settings for checked-out label file templates
  • Extended GS1 and other barcode symbology support, such as new 2D barcodes
  • Improved data entry forms support and compatibility with BarTender Print Portal

BarTender 2022 R7 is available for immediate download, and for those who may be new to BarTender, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and reach out to Pragmatyxs, an authorized BarTender partner for questions about implementation and support.