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Enterprise Hardware Tips


RFgen Enterprise Hardware TipsYou receive an alert to update your phone to the latest software version, sound familiar? While it may not be the same for mobile hardware and software for your supply chain, it can be just as, if not more important. RFgen looks at Enterprise Hardware and provides tips for refreshing barcodes and mobile device software.

“Undertaking a periodic refresh of mobile hardware and software is key to efficiency and security. The small investment more than pays for itself.”

Our partners at RFgen have outlined a few hardware and software reasons/ tips for a refresh of supply chain mobile devices:

Understanding the need to refresh: whether it’s aging hardware or previous generation devices that are unable to use the latest features, companies need to know when it’s time to replace existing mobile devices.

Operating System: Android vs. iOS: Android is the leader in the enterprise mobility space due to its ruggedness and the fact that it can run on consumer and industrial-grade devices.

As you know, technology is in a constant state of change and mobile technology seems to be even faster. Outdated software can’t operate efficiently and may pose potential security risks. As technology evolves, it offers more efficiency and security than its legacy predecessors.

Barcode Software Options: Ensuring that your devices are compatible with your barcoding software is important for consistency and congruency. RFgen Mobile Edge™ allows you to use several devices for flexibility and efficiency. No matter which barcode software you choose, it should utilize the mobile device capabilities of:

  • On-board camera and imaging
  • Millisecond barcode scanning to ERP
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G/5G radio bands
  • Network-disconnected operations

Maintenance and Updates: maintaining software and hardware and keeping software up to date will ensure systems are running smoothly and your supply chain operations are efficient. This maintenance and updating is for all technology from mobile devices to printers and print drivers.

Maintaining efficiency and keeping data and systems secure requires an investment, but that cost is much higher when left unattended. An initial investment from the start and incremental spending from time to time will keep your hardware and software working optimally for your business.