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Product Lifecycle Management

Industry-specific ERP system

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the “strategic process of managing the complete journey of a product from initial ideation and development to service and disposal.”  It is the management of a product from start to finish.

PLM is important in the manufacturing industry since it deals with every stage of a product’s life. Beginning with ideation and design to labeling and packaging, and ultimately retirement of a product. The ability to create seamless integration and analysis enables organizations to make improvements and innovations at the right time and in an efficient way.

Labeling is weaved through many aspects of Product Lifecycle Management from development and service to disposal. Integration plays a vital role in ensuring all stages of PLM are accurate and represented. This is why many organizations choose to incorporate an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can integrate not only with their PLM system but also their labeling solution. Having the ability to know that through automation, everything is talking to each other and stop gaps are in place to eliminate errors. Through these integrations, companies can decide how to address issues like design and data management from a few different options, giving them flexibility as to the software solution they use.

Having a partner who can help identify the most efficient way to assess issues that arise and ask the right questions while integrating all of these various solutions can save time and resources. Pragmatyxs’ team of experts can help you set up the systems to work for you as well as be there to provide support through our support programs. Incorporating two to five different software solutions with the goal of seamless synchronization takes resources that can work by collaborating with experts in those systems to ensure optimization.