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BarTender 2022 Preview 1 now available

BarTender 2022 preview 1 now available

BarTender® 2022, is now available from Seagull Scientific.  The new version of BarTender’s product labeling software enables “secure, anywhere, anytime printing for any business, and providing new, expanded resources for integration into enterprise environments.”

Some of the updated features that BarTender® 2022 includes are:

  • Enhanced Print Portal, expanding remote printing access to more users
  • A new SAP HANA® database connector for tighter enterprise integration
  • A redesigned Print Station for streamlined printing

The ability to remote print is a must for companies with multiple locations. BarTender offered this feature with their Enterprise editions but now offers this with Professional and Automation editions.  This means organizations of any size can print from any device, anywhere, using a modern web browser.

SAP HANA® software’s primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications. The ability for BarTender 2022 to directly connect with this database software allows label designers to “directly connect database fields to label template fields and select the records printed at print time.”

Lastly, the redesigned Print Station allows for more streamlined printing which reinforces the point-and-click capability and also improves the user experience. How might you ask? “The new interface makes it easy for users to find and open documents, select printers, enter data, and print. New grouping and sorting options mean it takes less time for print operators to do their job.”

Preview the features to improve your product labeling print process by downloading a free trial of BarTender® 2022. Pragmatyxs is a proud partner of BarTender and is ready to help you integrate a new solution or upgrade your BarTender system. Contact us today.