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Connecting sales data to enterprise systems

connecting sales to enterprise systems

Keeping departments and systems siloed can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of visibility. This is true, especially for sales teams and programs.  “In fact, any company that fails to recognize and implement the lessons offered up by its sales programs does so at the risk of stalling communications (at the very least) and possibly even setting back production (at the worst).” Connecting sales data to enterprise systems becomes a no-brainer.

For agile companies focused on strategic integration, this concept is clear and much easier to convince decision-makers of the need.  Connecting sales programs to the company’s enterprise applications, “allows for greater visibility across the board” and provides potential process improvement and increased revenue. Companies can start by evaluating their sales support tools like CRM systems. “With a reported 91% of businesses with 11 or more employees,” using some type of customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and information about each consumer and potential consumer collected, this information can be used to:

  • Segment customers by region to streamline shipping operations.
  • Trace sales activity to identify needs and improve products and messaging.
  • Reveal purchase patterns that can inform hiring, scheduling, and distribution plans.

After CRM integration, companies can connect their sales data to their Cloud infrastructure. Having data in a secure, controlled environment with the information accessible on-demand enables easy monitoring and evaluation. This incorporation allows for sales, marketing, inventory control, etc. to be accessible and searchable and enables those who may not typically have the insight into marketing campaigns and sales projections to have “ample warnings on upcoming rollouts and target quotas.”

Transparency with customer data and many business processes empowers the company as a whole to work efficiently and in tandem with each department. Pragmatyxs can provide 25+ years of experience for companies ready to integrate all business systems starting with the product labeling solution.