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Avoiding production shutdowns

Avoiding production shutdowns

Our partners at NiceLabel & Loftware recently conducted a survey of 300 directors in manufacturing across the U.S., UK, France, and Germany. “The survey found that on average more than two-thirds of manufacturers (67%) were having to shut down their production line for more than an hour if there was a problem with labeling printing.” When asked about whether their production line was shut down four or more times over the past year, 77% of IT directors stated it had.

Production shutdowns are extremely costly, so manufacturers must identify all components that may play a role in a potential shutdown. While upkeep of equipment comes to the top of the list, label printing may not seem to be as large of an issue, meanwhile, the above survey results tell a different story. One way to minimize labeling errors is to implement an ERP system to provide “a single source of truth to access accurate and approved content for labels.”

“A key part of this transformation is making it as easy as possible for cloud-based business systems including cloud-based ERPs, warehouse management systems (WMS), and MES systems to integrate with cloud-based labeling systems typically via cloud connector APIs. With tight integration between these systems, you can count on accurate label data and fewer error-related production shutdowns.”

Pragmatyxs can help you reduce your production downtime when it comes to label printing and has extensive experience with the implementation of a centralized labeling solution that will integrate seamlessly with your ERP system.