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Unique use of distillery waste product

Unique use of distillery waste product

Minimizing waste and finding additional uses for scraps in the manufacturing process is a bonus for the plant and often for the environment.  Such is true for a whiskey distiller, Glenfiddich, located in Scotland.  Glenfiddich is not just a distiller, but they are the world’s most awarded whiskey creators and one of few that is still family-owned since its inception in 1886.

Through the distilling process, “Glenfiddich is finding other used for its unused Scotch whiskey rather than selling off leftover spent grains from the malting process for the purpose of cattle feed.” The company is modifying its delivery trucks to run on low-emission biogas coming from the waste of the distilling process.  “According to Glenfiddich, biogas decreases carbon dioxide emissions by over 95% in comparison to diesel.

Will this be a replacement for all commercial diesel-powered vehicles? Could it help distilleries reach carbon net-zero? We don’t know but time will tell if other distilleries follow Glennfiddich’s lead and put their waste product towards biogas.

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