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Building smarter supply chains

smarter supply chain

According to the Logistics Bureau, 69 percent of organizations don’t have full visibility of their supply chains.” Why is this important? In order to improve supply chain operations and reduce costs, you must have full visibility into how your supply chain runs from start to finish.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers have their data siloed in multiple locations and often in many spreadsheets, making it difficult to get an up-to-date view of where things are at in the process.  Network optimization can save time, resources, and money and the amount of visibility and detail you receive can forever change the operations of your supply chain. Network optimization streamlines the data through the creation of a “digital twin” which replicates supply chain data “to give manufacturers the ability to gain a granular view of all its critical data elements.”

Some common data elements that the supply chain needs visibility to are:

  • Locations
  • Volumes
  • Origins
  • Materials
  • Product weight
  • Transportation costs

Through the implementation of a digital twin, manufacturers are able to model their supply chain and compare the benefits of making shifts and changes without overturning their whole system before they have a well-tested solution. The key requirement needed to consider network optimization is “whether a manufacturer is ready and willing to make changes to improve their operations and reduce costs.” This process is not simple or without cost to implement and after a thorough review, you must make the commitment to make the changes that the optimization reveals.

Pragmatyxs has a solution to optimize many aspects of the supply chain and can ensure all your business systems work seamlessly together.