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Top 5 trends in labeling and packaging artwork

We continually share the advances in manufacturing and labeling trends as organizations innovate and manufacturers look to find unique ways to gain efficiency in operations and speed to market to impact the bottom line. Our partners at Loftware, have shared the top 5 trends in labeling and packaging artwork that contribute to this goal.

Trend 1 – The need for businesses to meet sustainability demands

As businesses are required to meet stricter regulations and compliance requirements, 77% of them are looking to adopt more sustainable practices. Consumers’ demand for sustainable products is also driving these initiatives and the result can help optimize resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate waste.

Trend 2 – Supply chain complexity increases

More and more businesses want to centralize their solutions and ensure their corporate standards are met so when they introduce outside suppliers and shift production from one location to another, there is greater potential for mislabeling and re-labeling. Supply chain collaboration through a centralized labeling solution can help businesses edit and approve labels in real time saving time and money. It can enable organizations to” streamline communication and foster transparency,” reducing errors.

Trend 3 – Industry focus drives supply chain decisions

Regulations and non-adherence can severely impact the bottom line. Companies are finding creative ways to comply, and labeling and packaging are critical to compliance. 60% of the global regulations result in a fine/penalty which results in lost revenue and loss of business. Reducing the number of systems a business works within will reduce errors, costs, and the potential for “siloed” work. Having a single platform can eliminate manual processes for the adoption of automation.

Trend 4 – End-to-end traceability

Most organizations surveyed by Loftware stated that global traceability will “increase in importance within the next three years.” Consumer expectations have increased dramatically in the past four years in the turnaround for product delivery, so this is no surprise. This transparency will extend to information regarding origin and purchase details and tracking of products from point of sale to delivery. The benefits of heightened transparency come into play when businesses can act quickly in cases of recalls; acting fast to avoid brand damage, avoid fines, and keep consumers safe.

Trend 5 – Cloud becomes a cornerstone of digital transformation

Automation of the labeling process has been proven to eliminate errors, provide consistency, and make dynamic changes easy. It can also provide a digital footprint of changes made so there isn’t a question of what was done and by whom. The cloud enables businesses to extend this automation to partners, suppliers, and locations beyond their main building, providing scalability and continuous uptime when needed.

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