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The four predictions for manufacturing in 2022

Road with trees on each side and 2022 in white letters

Manufacturing has made its way through many obstacles in recent years, from supply chain issues to labor shortages.  As we wrap up the first quarter of 2022, we can see how four predictions made for 2022 and the evolution of manufacturing may be shaping up.

Goodbye to the single part flow approach

Until recently, manufacturers with a single product would utilize one machine to handle all aspects of the production of that one item.  This yielded the highest optimal efficiency given the process required no variation, typically required less servicing if a problem arose, and usually involved less downtime when a problem did occur.

However, once COVID-19 hit and labor and parts shortages we rampant across the supply chain, many manufacturers had to diversify products based on resource and labor availability.

 3D printing is now a business asset

The use of 3D printing is often thought of as a novelty but has shown it can solve some strategic problems for manufacturing. Once limited to resin-based plastic materials, innovators are finding ways to use metallic-like substances.  These printers are finding their home in manufacturing, especially in the medical field where lifelike organs, ligaments, and tendons are being created.

Taking sustainability and planning a step further

The focus on sustainability continues to increase and just like labeling compliance, requirements will vary by industry and country.  Manufacturers will be challenged to meet and exceed sustainability requirements on a “country-by-country basis.” In the coming years, there is the potential for “sustainability departments” within organizations to ensure these requirements are being met.

The ability to pivot

We saw many food industries do this during the height of COVID-19, offering take-out, free delivery, and outside eating when not previously offered and we see the manufacturing industry doing the same. As mentioned at the start, with “supply chain uncertainties, labor shortages, and the anticipated departure of single part flow approaches, there will be an increased emphasis on how manufacturers can make their plants and workspaces more efficient.

Moving away from single part flow also requires a dynamic labeling solution. Pragmatyxs is your labeling expert and works with major labeling solution providers to ensure your products have the required labeling in an ever-changing environment.