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The first Cloud-based RFID encoding and logging system


“Solution enables producers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and luxury goods to meet stringent traceability requirements.”

There is an increased requirement for medical devices to include a unique device identification number (UDI) to identify devices implanted in the body.  The effort launched between Loftware’s NiceLabel Cloud software and SATO, a pioneer in auto-ID and labeling solutions, will automatically retain a unique record of every tag “allowing users to know exactly which factory, country, and printer generated it.” This automation is not only the first Cloud-based RFID encoding and logging system, it also complies with traceability requirements and eliminates the potential for counterfeits.

Counterfeit items are an ongoing battle for manufacturers. It is especially critical for medical device and pharmaceutical companies to eliminate this potential from their supply chain and ensure consumer safety. “In 2021, Amazon alone identified, seized, and appropriately disposed of over 3 million counterfeit products targeted for sale to consumers.”  While these consumer products may not be as critical as medical devices or pharmaceuticals, it is clear counterfeiting is an inherent problem.

Pragmatyxs can implement a solution that provides you with supply chain compliance and creates traceability to reduce and eliminate potential counterfeit products.