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Lack of digital security expertise leaves you vulnerable

Lack of data security expertise leaves you vulnerable
Lack of data security expertise leaves you vulnerable

We’ve talked a lot about moving labeling operations moving to the Cloud to gain efficiency and accuracy, but also increased security. This same security is becoming less reliable due to a lack of digital security expertise.  “According to a recent survey performed by Rackspace- a provider of multi-cloud services and security, two of the top cybersecurity challenges facing companies is a shortage of workers with cybersecurity skills…and a lack of visibility of vulnerabilities across all infrastructures…”

Manufacturers are moving in the right direction by identifying the need for more cybersecurity expertise but a harrowing 2 out of 5 companies need this support right now. Most Cloud-based labeling solutions provide internal security like user permissions and change management processes that keep the labeling process secure. Automation and workflows are other ways to limit access. For manufacturers, security must go beyond their independent systems and encapsulate the whole network enterprise, if not, they will continue to be victims of cyber attacks that are pummeling organizations, big and small.

Pragmatyxs can provide labeling solution options that meet the requirements and compliance needs of your product while also protecting your labeling environment from a security breach. We can review your current system and make recommendations that best suit the needs of your business.