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Staying ahead of the requirements curve with PXSL

Smart-label-finalPragmatyxs SmartLabel (PXSL) wasn’t created for just improving print operators user experience on the manufacturing and labeling line.  It was also created as a tool that can offer proper validation, record history and security.

Pragmatyxs is constantly evolving PXSL to not only meet customer requirements but also to improve processes that organizations haven’t even thought of yet.

We’ve mentioned eSignature validation which meets CFR 21 Part 11 regulations but we have also added the follow features to improve processes and regulatory standards:

Controlled Printing- When a Print Operator selects a print job that has been previously printed they will be prompted to choose either a ‘Reprint’ or if they have Administrative rights they can print a job that would overwrite the print history with the new job.

Counter Value- PXSL now has a configurable serial counter built into the application that can be reset on a daily, weekly, monthly or never basis.  Print operators can now do a reprint of certain labels within a print jobs based on the Counter Value and quantity desired.

Default Printer via Cookie- To improve print operator efficiency we now provide a configurable option that will set a default printer to a user/workstation based on previous printed jobs.


If you have any questions on the following improvements to PXSL or would like to discuss PXSL as part of your labeling and regulatory processes please reach out to Pragmatyxs.