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In the News: Senate Passes G.M.O Labeling Rule


The G.M.O.(Genetically Modified Organism) labeling rule has been a widely discussed topic in the food labeling industry.  While some wanted full transparency on whether products contained G.M.O’s other fought the regulation in its entirety claiming increased production and labeling costs.  Congress has agreed to a bipartisan agreement on the matter allowing companies to disclose whether a product contains G.M.O.’s though text, symbol or digital link.


What this means for food and beverage manufacturer’s is the ability to inform customers of product information without having to completely revamp their entire labeling process.  Many companies will rely on QR codes or create common symbology to inform customers.

Pragmatyxs has assisted in many food and beverage labeling implementations and can provide experience and expertise to any upcoming G.M.O. labeling changes your company needs.  From label design to printing solution Pragmatyxs can assist in improving your processes.