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Small errors become big problems

The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” couldn’t be more true when it comes to good data practices, and many manufacturers have quickly found that small errors with data become big problems in the supply chain if left unaddressed.

Our partners at RFgen look at ways bad data sneaks into data collection processes and how businesses can reduce the amount of bad data and streamline good data collection processes. The main issue that introduces bad data into your data collection is manual data collection.

“Experts estimate that manual data collection can only achieve about 60% accuracy.”

Any level of manual processing of data can have negative impacts like:

  • Incorrect inventory levels leading to out- of- stocks and production delays
  • Shipping errors or late orders
  • Rushed reorders, overordering, chargebacks, and unnecessary write-offs
  • Additional labor demands and costs
  • Reduced profits and customer service

RFgen’s recommended solution is mobile data collection. It has become the standard best practice for inventory management. You remove the potential for human error when incorporating automated data capture with barcode scanning and mobile apps.

Mobile data collection saves time and provides additional benefits such as:

  • 99.9% or higher accuracy
  • 30% increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability
  • Reduced operational costs

Though the transition to a digital solution may seem daunting, sticking with an outdated, manual process can be downright scary, not to mention costly and ineffective. Taking the time to make this change with a trusted advisor who can manage a thorough and smooth implementation will set businesses up for success. Pragmatyxs can be that advisor, working alongside our partner RFgen to bring you a digital solution that can positively impact customer satisfaction and the bottom line.