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Revolutionizing warehouse operations

Revolutionizing warehouse operations

RFgen, a leader in mobile barcoding and data collection, revolutionizes warehouse operations by identifying some key elements to optimize efficiencies and reduce labor costs. They looked at four areas to achieve these improvements: strategy and planning, warehouse layout optimization, process improvement, and labor management.

Strategy and Planning – U.S. labor costs have risen 5.1% year over year so companies must look at advancements in technology to help their teams do more in less time rather than look for quick, temporary solutions to these labor cost challenges. Reviewing warehouse functions and processes, as well as the flow of materials along the production line is a great place to start and this analysis can then lead to a discussion of strategic goals around cost reduction, efficiency improvement, enhanced accuracy, and increased staff utilization.

Warehouse Layout Optimization – A thorough understanding of your warehouse which includes “examining your current space, planning the flow of your space, fixing logistical issues like inventory, and then implementing technology to help streamline the process and provide benchmarks and key performance indicators” will all help optimize your warehouse. By maximizing the space, the material flow benefits the most. Order picking accounts for 55% of operational expenses in a warehouse, so finding a way to optimize this process can improve the bottom line as well as customer service.

Process Improvement – Employees who are trained in best practices and standard operating procedures are the foundation of an efficient warehouse operation. Once you have a strong process, then you can look to make improvements and incorporate automated technology to further enhance processes. Automated technology can enforce the best practices, keep the data clean and ensure all steps are completed within a process.

Labor Management and Performance – Starting with a strong skills assessment for employees, enables you to identify strengths and optimize your workforce where they will thrive. Ensuring that the right people are in the right position will help streamline processes and then again, look at ways to keep up with the latest technology. “Taking the human-first approach to your warehouse environment helps you to view technology purchases through the lens of your employee’s well-being and what they need to do their jobs well.”

As an RFgen partner, Pragmatyxs can help your company identify where labeling technology may help you optimize efficiencies and reduce labor costs resulting in revolutionized warehouse operations.