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What does FDA regulate?

FDA regulates:
• safety of all food products 
(except for most meat and poultry products, which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture)
• labeling
• bottled water
• food additives
• infant formulas
Dietary Supplements
Human Drugs
• product approvals
• OTC and prescription drug labeling
• drug manufacturing standards
Vaccines, Blood Products, and Other Biologics
• product and manufacturing establishment licensing
• safety of the nation’s blood supply
• research to establish product standards and develop improved testing methods
Medical Devices
• from simple items like tongue depressors, to complex technologies such as heart pacemakers
• premarket approval of new devices
• manufacturing and performance standards
• tracking reports of device malfunctioning and serious adverse reactions
Electronic Products
• products that give off radiation, such as microwave ovens and X-ray equipment
• radiation safety performance standards for microwave ovens, television receivers, diagnostic
• x-ray equipment, cabinet x-ray systems (such as baggage x-rays at airports), laser products,
• ultrasonic therapy equipment, mercury vapor lamps, and sunlamps
• accrediting and inspecting mammography facilities
• safety
• labeling
Veterinary Products
• livestock feeds
• pet foods
• veterinary drugs and devices
• veterinary biologics not regulated by USDA are considered new animal drugs
Tobacco Products

Source: FDA Web Site

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