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Quality Essential for Aerospace Manufacturers

RFgen Aerospace quality

Lately, aerospace manufacturers have been in the news but not for the reasons they may want to be. Manufacturing errors and quality issues are not what you want to hear about when you are ready to board a flight. RFgen considers quality essential for aerospace manufacturers as they face more complexity in innovation and regulatory requirements.

As aerospace companies face tightening profit margins, they are challenged with balancing quality, rising labor costs, and a highly regulated environment, rightfully so. With these challenges, the aerospace industry “remains a robust force in today’s economy, contributing more than 1.65% annually to the total U.S. GDP. That translates to $418B in economic value.”

While the demand in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry started to see an upward trend in 2023, it is affected by global events like international markets, economies, and international relations. As the largest exporter of aerospace parts and to offset these effects, the US continues to diversify the countries to which it exports, stay up to date on quality standards, and push forward on innovation.

RFgen’s mobile automation can address quality issues and provide real-time data by:

  • Managing labor challenges– mobile barcoding increases productivity and flexibility by enabling quick and accurate data capture. Fewer employees can do more in less time.
  • Simplifying complex global supply chains– real-time tracking and ERP automation help simplify complex operations in manufacturing and operations.
  • Facilitating digital transformation– mobile barcoding captures only perfect data for your ERP system and digital manufacturing would be impossible without it.
  • Integrating with emerging technologies– mobile barcoding integrates with IoT devices, IIoT devices, autonomous vehicles, scales, carousels, and more. Any technical system that collects or transmits data can be integrated.

Mobile barcoding and automation allow quality control integration \into every aspect of the process, so the output is accurate data and compliant products. While it can’t provide 100% of the errors, it can ensure a drastic improvement over manual processes. It can make new products much easier and faster, providing an advantage for companies to go to market. As a leader in compliance labeling with an understanding of the regulations of the aerospace industry, Pragmatyxs is ready to help our A&D partners.