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Mars R&D facility investment

Mars R&D facility investment

When you think a Mars Snickers, Twix or Milky Way candy bar couldn’t get any better, they announce an investment “of more than $70 million in innovation and manufacturing” to support a new Research and Development Studio.

This facility will support “manufacturing efficiencies and advancements in food safety” by creating a new kitchen lab to test and develop innovative confections and a packaging lab. “The Research and Development Innovation Studio will support iconic products like M&M’s, Skittles, Starburst, Extra, and Altoids, all produced in the U.S., and new products to come. The packaging studio will enable the development of “sustainable packaging materials to support Mars’ contribution to a circular economy where packaging material never becomes waste, but is recycled, reused, or composted.”

Mars’ commitment to quality and innovation will be present in this “state-of-the-art” facility as will compliance with regulatory requirements in food safety and labeling. So often when we hear about innovation, we only think about products, but with Mars, it is both products and packaging they are committed to finding ways to improve and innovate and invest in communities with these new facilities.

As product and packaging advancements make their way to the market, so will labeling solution needs. Pragmatyxs ability to keep pace with the innovative industries we serve, enables us to provide integrated, scalable solutions to our customers.