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PXSmartPrint 2.09 Released and Ready!

This week our solutions team released the latest version of PXSmartPrint, our compliance product and material labeling application.  Version 2.09 continues the evolution of PXSmartPrint and includes a significant number of feature enhancements and performance improvements.

Since its inception customer input has been a significant driver for PXSmartPrint functionality and direction — a philosophy that continues in this release with the many of the updates a direct result of customer feedback and feature requests.

What the Future Holds

We are hard at work on several initiatives that will provide improved usability and more configuration and deployment choices, including PXSmartPrint services in the “cloud” for access by external suppliers and partners.  As part of this effort we are prototyping a new user interface using the latest web technologies and design standards and researching integration solutions for select ERP systems.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress….

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