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Pragmatyxs’ consultants and analysts

Pragmatyxs’ consultants and analysts have been part of our organization for many years, enabling us to provide a thorough and high-quality customer experience for all customer engagements. Our consultants and analysts are experienced IT professionals allowing them to offer both technical and business perspectives for their projects.

The benefit of seeking the help of our consultants is that they have indeed seen the issue or problem you are trying to solve many times. They can provide several options to resolve your business problem and work alongside you to find the resolution that best fits your business. Our team is well-versed and immersed in compliance labeling and is ready to “develop and integrate a solution that streamlines workflow and increases productivity.”

“The Pragmatyxs team has proven to be very FOCUSED, PROFESSIONAL, AND RESULTS-DRIVEN.”

—Geoffrey, Medical Device Company

 Our goal is for every customer to have a customer-centered experience and we are committed to taking the time upfront to ensure the results are what our customers expect and within the timeframe that is relevant to the work.  By partnering closely with our customers, we achieve the expected results and ensure there are no surprises.

We are your trusted advisor, and can provide:

  • Business Process Design
  • Requirements definition
  • GAP Identification
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Training Execution

Our consultants and analysts are ready to assist with your multi-phase, multi-dimensional, and multi-resource projects.