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NiceLabel Print Designer

Product labeling in the medical and pharmaceutical industries must meet stringent regulations to ensure the labeling is accurate and the end user receives what they expect to receive. Other industries may have labeling regulations but also have a bit more freedom in the look/design of their labels.  NiceLabel’s Print Designer provides an “easy-to-use cloud-based label design tool that gives you the easiest out-of-the-box label printing solution.”

NiceLabel™ Cloud Designer has some great benefits:

  • The ability to design labels or use the label templates
  • A familiar user experience, like Microsoft Word
  • The label template is the same for any printer brand and model
  • A secure cloud-based label storage
  • Easy collaboration with coworkers

With an average of 90 million labels being printed a month with NiceLabel Cloud each month and an uptime of 99.99%, NiceLabel is a great choice for small businesses. NiceLabel Cloud can grow with you as your business grows, providing the ability to upgrade to more comprehensive solutions like NiceLabel Cloud Essentials, Business, or Compliance when needed.

Pragmatyxs can help implement and support your NiceLabel labeling solution. Through this implementation, organizations can have a system that results in a leaner, more agile operation that enables them to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and requirements, get products to market faster, and compete more effectively in the sectors where they do business.