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NFC tag provides solution for medical supplier

NFC tag provides solution for medical supplier

When working within a medical laboratory or pharmaceutical arena, extra care must be taken to ensure safety, clarity, and accuracy. This doesn’t change when it comes to the labeling process.  Our partners at BarTender were able to find a solution for a medical supplier using NFC tags to uniquely identify containers “while maintaining information clarity and label accuracy.”

NFC tags, or near-field communication tags, enable communication between two electronic devices within a short distance from each other (4cm or less). It has been noted that NFC is a faster and more secure alternative to QR codes, especially when you are working with sensitive information like mobile payments or in this case, medical information. NFC tags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the most common and simplest ones are square or circular. NFC tags contain a thin copper coil and microchip for storage.  The coil allows it to receive power wirelessly from an NFC reader. When the reader comes within close contact with the tag, it can power it as well as transmit the data stored in the microchip.  You can also encrypt it if you are transmitting sensitive data.

BarTender was able to use the Print Code Modifier functionality of BarTender® 2022 Enterprise Edition and adapt the native code so that NTAG213 (part of a series of semiconductors used for NFC tags) inlays could be encoded as needed. “At any point in the supply chain, each container could be tapped with an NFC tag reader and the identifying information would be displayed. This saved time while ensuring higher accuracy of information.”

As a trusted advisor, Pragmatyxs works with our customers to find the solution that enables them to be efficient and accurate. We have extensive experience working with customers in highly regulated environments like the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We are here to help you find the labeling solution that will allow you to meet your business objectives.