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Medical device labeling matters

Accuracy in healthcare is essential, if not expected because one incorrect piece of information can result in irreparable damage to a patient. Medical devices “can be complex, but clear and accurate labeling ensures that the right information, directions, warnings, and risks are available to the healthcare professionals who use them.Loftware shares why medical device labeling matters and how their solutions can provide consistency, accuracy, and safety.

Medical device labeling provides instructions for proper usage, whether dosage information or storage instructions. This is essential for the safety of the patients using these devices to ensure the expected outcome and mitigate risk.

The medical device industry is one heavily regulated industry and for good reason. When it comes to the health and well-being of consumers, companies must ensure products meet the safety standards established for the good of all consumers who utilize those products. “According to the FDA, medical device manufacturers selling in the USA also need labeling-related Quality Assurance (QA) programs to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.”

A cloud-based labeling solution provides an integrated approach for medical device manufacturers. With the ability to streamline processes with existing ERP systems, businesses can minimize and often eliminate manual processes for more efficient and accurate data entry. Accessing information from a centralized location is invaluable and allows a manufacturer to expand and retract their business when needed while also ensuring the integrity of the information.

Pragmatyxs can help implement a cloud-based labeling solution for the medical device industry and any industry requiring intense regulation, as well as those looking to benefit from an automated labeling solution that integrates seamlessly with existing business systems.