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Harnessing data through 3D scanners

Harnessing data through 3D scanners

We have discussed how hand-held scanners enhance inventory control by increasing accuracy and saving time. They are also helping manufacturers harness data through 3D scanners.

The ability to inspect and measure during the manufacturing process just got easier, providing the manufacturing industry with another efficiency tool to add to its toolkit. These 3D scanners allow the user to get into spaces they can’t see so they work great for final quality checks on finished goods before they make their way to packaging and labeling to be shipped out.

Any time a manufacturer institutes more efficiency and accuracy in a process, the outcome will be better. A significant amount of time and investment is dedicated to the quality control (QC) process to ensure the product meets the highest standards. It can mean life or death for many industries, so it is non-negotiable.

All these processes may work independently of each other, but they certainly depend on each other to ensure the product successfully makes it out the door. Shortening or side-stepping a process will only hold up another process down the line or cause a delay and rework later so it is in the best interest of each process owner to fully carry out their supply chain role.

Pragmatyxs has made it our business to understand yours, so we can help identify the pain points before they occur and ensure your labeling solution is tailored to manage your unique needs.