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Looking towards the future with DSI Global partnership


Mobile devices play a huge role in everyday tasks from communication, activity monitoring and endless other abilities and now DSI Global brings supply chain management into the palm of your hands.  Centering your supply chain around the customer not only meets their demands and expectations but allows you to operate a transparent, innovative and efficient operation.

With a portfolio of solution accelerators; the DSI Mobile Platform creates a foundation for transitioning your business to a mobile application that meets the company and customer’s needs.  Pragmatyxs will work side by side developing your mobile application to your specifications as well as provide end-to-end support.

Pragmatyxs has been working with DSI Global to become proficient in their platform enabling us to develop and support mobile applications and deliver solutions that are not only operationally efficient but exceed customer expectations.

Please stay tuned as we are excited to share our progress and future plans with DSI Global.


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