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Looking toward the future with Label Verification

labelverifyIn the labeling industry product validation and label clarity are two of the most important components, whether in the final packaging stage or en-route to other production sites.  Clear and precise product labeling provides significant competitive advantages while also meeting regulatory compliance.

Pragmatyxs has been evaluating and testing integrating a third party label verification device that attaches to the printer and will verify that not only the content on the label matches what is expected but will also confirm all characters and barcodes on the label are clear and legible.  Operators will be notified immediately if the verification device deems the label insufficient and allow the user to make any necessary changes and reprint.

Label verification devices implemented with the Pragmatyxs Smart Label (PXSL) product offer a user friendly experience and comply to high quality standards and regulations.  With the advance of continued label compliance regulations we expect that label verification devices will be an important component in your labeling operations.

If you have questions on label verification or other label printing improvements please reach out to Pragmatyxs.


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