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Labeling solutions for transportation and logistics

Labeling solutions for transportation and logistics

The transportation and logistics industry is constantly changing. Loftware provides a “standardized end-to-end labeling platform that makes goods more traceable, enables consistent branding, reduces regulatory costs, eliminates data redundancy, and improves overall efficiencies.”

Some of the benefits to the transportation and logistics industry that Loftware offers with their labeling solution are:

  • Save time and money – quickly and efficiently make global changes to react faster to changing customer, regional, and regulatory requirements. Eliminate the risk of mislabeling and any fines associated with incorrect labels.
  • Design, share and update – Build and share templates and artwork that comply with strict US and international requirements, offering controlled access to intended partners across your global supply chain.
  • Data drawn from sources of truth – Rely on accurate up-to-date data and leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to gain label accuracy and consistency. Integration with reliable sources of truth will also eliminate duplication of data.
  • Improve traceability and reduce maintenance – Leverage standardized, enterprise-wide labeling to help reduce maintenance while also improving tracking and tracing throughout the global supply chain especially when there are recalls.
  • Continuous improvement – Access a solution that provides full auditing and reporting capabilities, with the ability to monitor and track all labeling and packaging activity. This enables a significant reduction of time to market.

For businesses that require an enterprise labeling solution or have multiple global locations, Loftware provides a comprehensive option that provides cost savings, controlled access, labeling accuracy, and improved traceability.  If you are looking to update your labeling solution, Pragmatyxs is here to assist with the implementation and integration of your existing business processes.