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4 key elements to improve labeling operations

4 key elements to improve labeling operationsPharmaceutical, medical device, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries to name a few, operate in some of the most regulated environments. Many of these businesses are in a perpetual state of finding efficiencies and improved accuracy.

Our partners at BarTender® provide four tips to optimize and improve your labeling operations:

  • Keep it simple – Many think every label needs to be unique. This is only true for a) labels that identify your product/service for a customer, and b) vital information specific to your operations that must be included. Whenever possible, use an existing, generic label.
  • Standardize everything – standardizing labels allows you to avoid misprints and lost time associated with manually changing our label before each print run or the cost of dedicating printers for each size. Additionally, you can let your label printing software work for you instead of preprinting custom labels.
  • Lock your templates down – Limiting those with access to improve, fix or edit labels will help you reduce the risk of wrong labels getting printed or locally modified labels not getting essential updates for branding or compliance.
  • Move online – Moving your labeling solution online allows you to scale and makes your labeling system easier to use wherever and whenever needed.

BarTender Cloud enables all of these elements to ensure your labeling solution is accurate, secure, and compliant.  Pragmatyxs can help your company implement this solution and ensure your labeling system is optimized for your business processes.