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How to ease compliance with allergen labeling requirements

Food allergies and labeling compliance


We all probably know someone who suffers from a food allergy, whether mild or severe, knowing what’s in their food is a must.  This is why the food and beverage manufacturing industry is one of the more regulated industries and labeling that is in compliance is so important.

“Natasha’s Law is one of many food labeling regulations in place across the U.S., European Union, and the U.K.” after the tragic death of a young teen in 2019 due to a severe allergic reaction in which the food packaging didn’t list specific allergen information. This law will go into effect in October of this year.

Food and beverage manufacturers understand the necessity of ensuring their labeling is accurate for the safety of the end consumer.  Additional benefits of accurate product labeling are consistency and product traceability. The correct labeling of foods and beverages is just one of the regulatory constraints put on manufacturers and extensive compliance can be overwhelming. Manufacturers look to technology to automate many of these regulations, especially when it comes to labeling.

Our partners at NiceLabel provide a cloud-based solution that makes compliance as simple as possible. Their software solution allows for the ability “to make the quick pivots needed to be able to keep up with ever-evolving regulations.” In addition, the solution enables dynamic, data-driven labeling, extending compliant labeling and artwork to other sites, and the ability to “easily make changes and facilitate approvals regardless of where you are.”

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