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6 benefits of mobile technology in manufacturing

Mobile technology


We have all seen “the evolution of information technology”, especially when it comes to mobile phones. They have gone from “simple call-making devices to more complex information processing machines.” The ability of mobile phones to collect, process, and disseminate large amounts of data makes them a great option for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Business Technology outlines the 6 biggest benefits of mobile phones in manufacturing.

  • Improved Communication– As mobile phones become more affordable, companies are adopting them as their main method of communication. The very essence of their “mobility” enables employees to be more accessible and features like chat and push email to enable real-time collaboration.
  • Improved field data collection process– phones are able to collect a variety of data such as inventory counts, “equipment performance, human safety, work performance, production status, customer satisfaction, etc.”
  • Improved plant operational effectiveness-Systematic use of mobile technology can save time and improve overall production efficiency.
  • Improved emergency preparedness– Emergency response planning with mobile technology enables employees to ensure protocols without having to go into areas where emergency issues are occurring.
  • Improved product diagnostics– mobile processors now have the capability of identifying declining assets versus healthy ones by just taking a picture.
  • Improved quality of reporting– having the ability to enter reporting information immediately and not relying on paper or human biases.

As we continue to see the development of mobile technology, enterprise labeling is already there. Many labeling solutions we support including our exclusive PXSmartLabel solution, have mobile print capabilities. Pragmatyxs is ready to be your implementation team for the product labeling software that best suits your organization.