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How pharmaceutical companies can streamline labeling compliance


Our partners at NiceLabel® worked with a top pharmaceutical company to help them implement a new labeling system that would allow them to “modernize legacy systems” to enable future growth.  The goals of the company were to “unify labeling to a single platform, have better oversight of label variations, and streamline regulatory compliance processes.”

In the pharmaceutical world, regulatory compliance can impede productivity and every change that is made must be documented down to the updating or addition of new labeling templates.

The NiceLabel solution needed to ensure Master data management met the high standards the pharmaceutical company needed for labeling and matched the quality level of its other master data. With NiceLabel, a label lifecycle management system was implemented, along with a unified platform to design, integrate and manage all aspects of labeling.  This resulted in the ability for role-based access, automatic archival of digital print labels, and one platform to manage labeling.

Companies that migrate their labeling system to NiceLabel can expect to avoid template duplication with electronic and centralized label cataloging, gain real-time integration with SAP, and streamlined compliance with electronic label lifecycle management.

Pragmatyxs is ready to help you implement NiceLabel as your enterprise labeling solution.