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A more responsive supply chain strategy

Supply chain management

The supply chain has faced many challenges over the last year and a half. Trying to predict demand has been nothing short of impossible for many manufacturers. “Whether it’s raw materials for construction projects or electronic components for consumer goods and vehicle production, manufacturers are confronted with “new normal” on an almost daily basis.”

“These events help demonstrate how just-in-time supply and demand is no longer feasible, states Colin Elkins, VP of Manufacturing Industries at IFS, an ERP and PLM software provider.  Technology and new manufacturing ideas such as Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), are more critical than ever to ensure uninterrupted flow of goods and services.”

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a planning practice that helps minimize disruptions in production where there is an unexpected increase in demand.

Some of the benefits of DDMRP are:

  • Manage inventories that have shortages and overstocks at the same time
  • Promote better and quicker decisions and action at the planning and execution stage
  • Improve visibility for supply order execution

As the supply chain changes, so do the needs of a manufacturing company’s enterprise labeling. Pragmatyxs can ensure that your labeling solution can adapt and be as dynamic as your production and product delivery.