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High ROI implementing BarTender

High ROI implementing BarTender

“A boutique, certified-organic coffee roaster overcomes labeling challenges by bringing operations in-house with BarTender, resulting in increased flexibility, optimized turnaround times, and significant ROI.”

The below case study from BarTender shares how they were able to take a problem from their customer and find a way to provide a solution utilizing their (BarTender’s) labeling product and return a high ROI.

Background/Issue: The coffee roaster, established in 2006, maintains its complete operation in-house to control quality and customer satisfaction.  They manage any supply chain issues by proactively and strategically purchasing additional inventory to ensure there is no disruption in operations.

Challenge: The coffee roaster found it challenging to meet the needs of its multiple partners. Some partners required private labels while others utilized the coffee roaster’s branding. The need to create and manage specific labels with each partner’s unique information and branding requirements. With a small team, there is very little space for labeling errors or shipment delays. The initial solution was to outsource labeling operations and while this proved a good cost-cutting option, it eliminated flexibility and the ability to print labels on demand if needed.

Solution: Bringing the labeling solution in-house like the rest of their operations allows the coffee roaster to “designate a single team member to design their labels and then import them into BarTender’s label design interface” for the rest of their team to print and use as needed. Additional benefits of this move were quality control, optimization of turnaround times, and more flexibility for on-demand printing. All of these benefits kept the customer at the center of it all which was the main goal of this company, remaining partner and customer-centric.

Our implementation team at Pragmatyxs has extensive knowledge of BarTender and has supported many companies implementing this labeling solution.