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Google Cloud helps manufacturers unify data


The ability to automate the manufacturing process as much as possible enables companies to leverage time, resources, and effort.  The changing expectations of customers, the uncertainty of the supply chain, and changing buyer behavior make the transition to a more flexible solution even more vital.

Google Cloud has launched Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect, two solutions that enable companies to unify their data and provide easy-to-use analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Manufacturing Data Engine offers a configurable and customizable framework to store and access factory data.  It integrates with many Google Cloud products, especially those that provide a manufacturing-specific solution.

Manufacturing Connect provides the connection from almost any manufacturing system to the Google Cloud. Extensive integration with Manufacturing Data Engine enables “rapid data intake into Google Cloud for processing machine and sensor data.”

The utilization of these two solutions provides industry-specific use cases, including:

  • Manufacturing analytics and insights– helping manufacturers create custom dashboards to visualize and monitor key data.
  • Machine-level anomaly detection– identifying anomalies as they occur and providing alerts to quickly act.
  • Predictive maintenance– anticipating the need for service to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Systems that help support productivity, accuracy, and analytics put manufacturers in the driver’s seat and help them get ahead of issues, changing customer expectations and supply chain problems. Ensuring that existing systems work in concert with solutions like these is paramount. Pragmatyxs can help companies make sure their labeling solution isn’t left behind as they increase AI functionality.