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Chemical-free thermal paper for labeling

bananas in thermal paper

“Consumers are already familiar with blue thermal paper from retailers. In many supermarkets, the new eco-receipts are increasingly replacing the previous white versions to use sustainable paper.”

There is a new material that a German company, VPF, has developed and it is free of chemical developers so it is approved to be put directly on food.  This new paper has four layers which include plain paper, black pigment, an opaque functional layer that creates the blue color, and then a protective layer. It functions by having the opaque layer turn transparent once exposed to heat making the black pigment layer visible.

Beyond the obvious benefits of being safe to use directly on food, the thermal paper blue clean provides excellent printability, resistance, legibility, and durability.  The print image can last up to 35 years without fading!

Pragmatyxs is no stranger to the unique needs of the food and beverage industry.  We work closely with some major companies throughout the U.S. and the world.  This industry is heavily regulated from their product’s production to the labels’ contents. Having a partner that understands these needs and requirements saves companies time and money.  Reach out to Pragmatyxs for all your product labeling needs.